Holiday Hairstyles Perfect for Any Occasion

The holiday season is upon us, which means it is the perfect time to try out a new ‘do. 

As more of the population becomes vaccinated, and mandates lift, people are beginning to feel comfortable enough to gather with others. For some, the holiday season means hosting holiday parties or visiting family. For others, it is the time to try something new. 

If you are someone who has been looking to switch up your hairstyle, now is a perfect time! 

7 Fun Holiday Hairstyles

Whether you wish to try out a new hairstyle for a party, a family gathering, or just for yourself, you cannot go wrong with these fun holiday hairstyles:

1. Colored Curls

First, you can add some color to your curls. There are plenty of colors and shades to choose from, and you can go for a more natural look or a bolder look. 

If you are looking to test the waters and wish to start with a less dramatic color, you can go for summery blonde curls or autumnal copper curls. If you are feeling more daring and want to add more pop to your curls, there are a variety of bold colors to choose from, ranging from electric blues and fiery reds to bright pinks. 

An ombre is another fun and gorgeous way to spice up your holiday hairdo! Dark at the roots and then fading in color, the ombre creates endless hair color possibilities for your curls. Go from black to silver, red to orange to gold, dark blue to light turquoise, and so much more. 

2. Bantu Knots

A protective hairstyle that is Instagram-worthy, Bantu knots are both fun and timeless. 

For those unfamiliar with Bantu knots, you can easily recreate this hairstyle at home. First, you need to prep your hair and then part it into sections. Then clip those sections to keep them apart. Now you are ready to work on each section individually. Start a two-strand twist after separating each section into parts. Finally, you can set the knot by weaving the twisted hair clockwise. If needed, secure it with hairpins. Do this for every section. 

This hairstyle is fun because you can create as many knots as you wish. If you have short hair the knots will resemble rosebuds, but if your hair is long they will look more like pyramids. You can also add variety to the knots by braiding the sections instead of twisting them. 

3. Goddess Locs

Inspired by Lisa Bonet’s natural locs, this hairstyle is different from other locs due to its freeform look and curled ends. Goddess locs will last for approximately three to four months, withstanding the entire holiday season and longer. They are low-maintenance and simply require hydrating spray to remain intact.

4. Afro Puff Up-Do

An afro puff updo is a great holiday hairstyle that cannot go wrong. Simply pull your hair up into a puff and secure it. This hairstyle is great if you are running low on time or if another hairstyle did not go as expected and you need a plan b. Even better, you can accessorize this hairstyle further with headbands, hair clips, barrettes, and other options. 

5. Braided Pretzel Twist

This elegant updo is unique and easy enough to secure.

You can achieve this hairstyle by first flipping your hair to one side and securing it with a large enough hair tie. Once your hair is secure, you must twist it all the way to the ends of the strands. Once you finish this step, loosely wrap your hair around the base of your ponytail once, and pin it down with bobby pins. You complete the look by forming the twist, which is done by alternating your braids in a figure-eight motion. Finally, when you have six-to-eight inches of your hair left, pull it through the last loop, and secure the twist at the base. 

This updo is sure to impress your family and friends while leaving you feeling beautiful and confident. 

6. Hairline Braids

This is another cute and classic hairstyle. Simply braid along your hairline to achieve this style. The braids can be large or small, and you can choose a bun, a twist, another braid, or a completely different hairstyle to finish the look. This means you can do hairline braids every day and still look different every time.

7. Accessorize with Jewelry

Jewelry is another fun way to add glamour to your holiday hairstyle. You can add accessories to nearly any hairstyle, including those on this list. You can add a brooch, a barrette, or other jewelry pieces to your hair for a creative style that is bound to stand out. 

Get Your Holiday Hair Done at 4HR Braid Bar

Achieving the perfect holiday hairstyle does not have to be difficult. If you’re a Texan-native or in the Dallas area, be sure to check out 4HR Braid Bar. We offer plenty of braid styles to help you achieve your desired look. 

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