10 Braid Hairstyles for Winter

Guard your hair against the onslaught of winter with protective braid hairstyles. 

Unfortunately, winter’s colder temperatures can leach the moisture from textured hair, leading to dehydrated hair that is prone to breakage. 

Fortunately, winter does not have to be your hair’s enemy. There are plenty of fun hairstyles you can try while still protecting your hair from the dry winter air. 

10 Protective Braid Hairstyles

Protective hairstyles are ideal for all seasons, but they are especially helpful for protecting natural hair during winter. Braids are especially great protective styles since they are low maintenance, protect against breakage, and help you lock in moisture.

If you’re looking for some braid hairstyles for the winter, here are 10 protective hairstyles to help guard your natural hair against the dropping temperature:

1. Box Braids

These popular hairstyles are not only easy to maintain, but also super versatile. Wear them loose, pull them back into a ponytail, or style your braids into a bun. You can also part them into different-sized sections, depending on your preference. There are plenty of fun ways to style your box braids to keep your look fresh.

2. Crochet Braids

This hairstyle is an affordable and convenient way to protect your natural hair. This style is an alternative to incorporating uncomfortable and time-consuming wigs or weaves with your natural hair. 

Crochet braids can last up to 8 weeks if properly maintained. Like box braids, crochet braids are extremely versatile and allow you to switch up your look from day to day if you wish. 

3. Faux Locs

Another classic protective hairstyle, the yarn or synthetic material is woven into your natural hair and will help protect it from the elements. This style requires no chemicals or color and allows you to add length if desired. 

4. Cornrow Ponytail

This fun throwback to the 90s will protect your natural hair. The cornrow ponytail gives you several ways to dress up your hairstyle. Whether you’re aiming for a relaxed look with a low ponytail or a bolder one with a high ponytail, you will not go wrong. You can also add bangs or curl the ends to add extra fun to your look.

5. Locs – Twists and Turns

Another great hairstyle that is great for winter and will help to protect your hairstyle is locs. This style helps to lock in moisture and is gentle on the scalp. Locs can take several years to complete, so they are a commitment and can see you through several harsh winter seasons. 

Locs are also versatile, so there are several ways you can dress them up. Wear it up or down, as space buns or bohemian buns, curled or straight, with bangs or no bangs. The possibilities are endless. You can also make a fun loc style through the2 and 3 twist method. Also called locking twists, double-strand twist dreadlocks, double or triple twists, this method is ideal for natural hair and will help your locs turn out thicker.

6. Knotless Box Braids

This type of braid can last up to two months. Unfortunately, if you wear them longer, you risk dehydrating your strands, but they are a great protective style for the few months you do wear them. These braids are gentler on your scalp, sleek, and less prone to breakage.

7. Senegalese Twists

A popular protective style, Senegalese twists are also nicknamed “rope twists.” For those unfamiliar with this hairstyle, it requires wrapping two strands around each other for each braided section, giving them a rope-like look. This protective hairstyle is great for winter, but also fun and versatile enough for everyday wear. Add color, accessories, or even extensions to switch up your look. 

8.    Braided Box Braids

Add an extra layer of protection and fun to your hairstyle by braiding your box braids. This flexible hairstyle can be worn up or down.

9. Box Braid Bun

A box braid bun is another fun winter hairstyle that proves just how versatile box braids are. Simply use as many braids as your heart desires and then pile them into a bun. If you choose to wear this hairstyle, be sure not to have your braids pulled too tight to reduce scalp tension and avoid headaches. 

10. Braided Cornrows

This hairstyle is both protective and long-lasting, making it perfect for the winter season. This low-maintenance hairstyle protects your natural hair by reducing daily breakage and requires very minimal care. Simply style your baby hairs and rub a bit of oil in them for scalp care.

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