Crochet Braids: What to Know Before Sitting in the Chair

Have you ever seen a woman on social media or television with a style you desperately want want to try? Maybe there’s a length or fullness you want to achieve but can’t get it with your natural hair.

Perhaps you simply want a cute style to protect your natural hair. There’s a way you can achieve all three: crochet braids.

Crocheted braids are gaining traction in the natural hair community, and for good reason. They’re affordable, versatile, and keep your hair safe as you transition between a number of different styles.

From faux locs to beach waves, you can get any hairstyle you want without spending the entire day in a salon chair. If you have an appointment, here are some things you should know.

How much do crochet hairstyles cost?

When you see a crocheted hairstyle, it’s easy to assume it was expensive. However, you can find a deal depending on where you go. In fact, some hairdressers only charge about 100 dollars depending on the complexity of your style.

One of the reasons crochet hairstyles are so affordable is they use synthetic hair. Synthetic hair costs much less per pack than human hair and typically lasts longer in crocheted hairstyles.

Some packs of synthetic hair can cost as little as a few dollars a pack. The amount of hair you’ll need depends on the style you want. This is something to keep in mind if you’re bringing your own hair to your appointment.

The additional tools include whatever you use to clean and moisturize your hair and a crochet hook, which can run you a few dollars at a craft store. Last but not least, you’ll need a parting comb, which is relatively cheap wherever you go.

How do you do crochet hairstyles?

Before you can crochet the hair onto your head, you’ll need to cornrow your hair. This can be done prior to or during your appointment. Usually, people cornrow twice as many braids in the front as in the back.

For example, 14 braids in the front should become seven braids in the back. Therefore, you must merge two frontal braids into one before cornrowing the braid the rest of the way.

Most stylists will then braid the end of the cornrows together and sew that end to one of the cornrows. This keeps your ends protected for the duration of your crocheted style.

Once your braids are secure, your stylist will begin installing the hair with a crochet hook. Starting from the front of your head, insert your hook into the cornrow. Once you’ve pulled the hook through, a loop should form.

Pull the ends of the hair through the loop and twist the loop before pulling the hair through and tightening. This process is repeated over your entire head.

If you prefer braids, you can either crochet the hair into your head and braid it or buy it pre-braided.

Buying pre-braided hair saves a lot of time, so consider it if you want to shorten your time in the chair. Otherwise, install the hair and style as usual.

Will this damage my natural hair?

Obviously, the point of this styling method is to protect your natural hair. The key to maintaining healthy hair underneath is to make sure your hair is cleaned and moisturized prior to styling.

Otherwise, you’re more likely to damage your hair. Be careful with your edges and thinner areas of your hair to also avoid breakage.

When either you or your stylist do your cornrows, make sure they aren’t too tight. Otherwise, you can cause breakage and other issues before the installation even begins.

How do I maintain my style and natural hair?

Even with crochet braids hairstyles, you must take care of your natural hair for it to thrive. Most stylists recommend a leave-in conditioning spray and growth oils to keep your natural hair moisturized.

You can either clean your natural hair with watered down shampoo or wait until you take your hair down and thoroughly wash it.

When properly maintained, crocheted hairstyles can last up to eight weeks. The beauty of synthetic hair is it keeps natural styles like locs very well, even as it mats.

If you live in hotter climates, you may want to take your braids down every four weeks so your scalp can breathe.

To maintain your style, you also have to make sure you follow a sleep routine. For one, it’s wise to moisturize your natural hair prior to going to bed.

Also, tie your hair up with a silk or satin bonnet so your hair stays neat as you sleep.

When you’re ready to take your hair down, cut as close to your knots as possible. Be careful not to cut your natural hair. Once you begin taking your natural braids out, the remaining portion of the crochet knots will fall out.

Crocheted hairstyles are an affordable, convenient way to try every hairstyle you want without hurting your natural hair. By following this advice, you can even learn to do your own crocheted hairstyles.

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